Why does my dog lick me

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If you have a dog at home, I'm sure that more than once you have wondered why my dog licks me.
In this article we are going to reveal all the reasons why your dog licks you, as there is no single reason, but after reading our post you will surely be able to distinguish the case of your dog's licking and the reason why he does it.


    Possible reasons why a dog licks you

    As we were telling you there are different reasons why your dog may lick you, but it is quite easy to distinguish which is the exact reason.
    To distinguish why my dog licks me, you only have to analyse the situation and it is very important to see his position, that is to say, if he keeps his tail erect or shrunken, if his ears are laid back or on the contrary, if his ears are well raised, all of this will help you to know at that moment why he is licking you.
    Here are all the possibilities with their most visible characteristics, so that you can distinguish what is happening to you:

    • He is looking for your affection. It is a physical way he has of asking for caresses and to be by your side, they are usually short and not very repetitive licks, his tail and ears are shown in a normal state.
    • He wants to get your attention. He is in a phase of himpas and needs your attention so he licks you, normally until you caress him and he detects that you are looking after him, the licks can be somewhat repetitive, but his physical attitude is correct, both his tail and his ears are in the normal position.
    • He needs to please you. Apart from wanting to get your attention at that moment, he is licking you because he needs to be loved or needed, with a few caresses you will have won him over and he will soon stop licking you because he will have received his answer, the position of both his tail and his ears is normal.
    • He wants to cure you. If you have a wound, for sure he will lick you on it, because he has the instinct to take care of you and he wants to cure the wound with his licking, the position of both his tail and his ears is normal.
    • She gets your attention. He needs to get your attention and therefore he starts to lick you to claim it, the position of his tail and ears is normal.
    • He is insecure. When he feels insecure, he may start to lick you quite insistently, you will notice this because his tail will be tucked up and his ears in a more rearward position, but without reaching the submissive position, stroke him and he will soon stop.
    • He does not feel well. On some occasions he may lick you indicating that he is not feeling well, the difference with the insecurity, you will find with his look and his behaviour, you will see that he acts with a certain fear and is not happy.
    • He is afraid. When he starts to lick you very repeatedly, he may seek your protection because some external factor is causing him fear (noises, threats, etc.), both his tail and his ears will be in a position of total submission, it is better not to pet him at that moment because you will be giving him the reason for his fear and it will not go away, the best thing to do is to ignore these licks.

    Main reason why my dog licks me

    Of all the possible reasons why your dog licks you, normally the most insistent is because he wants to get your attention, so you should give him his daily moment of attention, take him out for a walk about three times and above all show him that you are grateful for his presence.

    Dogs are very sensitive, our gestures and above all our moods are the most direct communication we have with them, words are practically superfluous here. Remember that most of our dog's incorrect behaviour is due to poor attention.

    Conclusions of your dog's licking

    I hope that after reading this article, the question, why does my dog lick me, will be completely understandable and you will be able to differentiate between the two.
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