What name should I give my dog?

nombre de perros

Yes, this article may sound strange to you, but really knowing what name to give my dog is essential if we want to get his attention for commands.
Many times people complain that their dog doesn't pay attention to them, that they call them and they don't come, they don't even pay attention to them, the name can be an attenuator of this distraction, so if you are thinking of adopting a pet, keep reading and you will see how easy it is to choose the right name.


    How to choose the dog's name

    As I said, the name of your dog is something much more important than it seems, keep in mind that dogs associate our phonetics (single words) with orders to be carried out.
    The first and main rule that we have to follow to choose a name for our dog is that phonetically it should be easy to assimilate, i.e., it would not be appropriate to give him a name with more than two syllables, because phonetically it would be long and therefore confusable with other words.
    Apart from selecting a name that has at most two syllables, we also have to make sure that phonetically it is simple and clear, so that our dog will not have any doubt to associate this name and give us all his attention.

    Obedience training for dogs

    Once we have selected a name for our pet that meets the characteristics of a short and phonetically easy name, we must familiarise the dog with the name, if possible when he is a puppy.

    Calling him and stroking him, so that he associates that the name he is hearing is completely related to him and therefore when he has it taught by naming it at least we will receive his attention, but it is quite another thing if he pays attention to us, but well, we are on the right track.
    Whether our dog pays attention to us depends on many other factors, because even if we educate him correctly and get his attention, if he is an unneutered male, when he sees a female that is on her period, he will go towards her like a possessed dog, and that is really an animal instinct that we cannot fight.
    But under normal conditions we have to be able to control our dog's actions, because dogs must be submissive and therefore apply obedience to their master as a way of life.

    Consequences of not training our dog correctly

    First of all, if we have adopted a dog as a puppy, the first chapter we have to achieve is its socialisation, both with people and with other dogs or even with other animals.
    If we get the dog to see that coexistence with other dogs or other species (such as cats) is possible and it lives it as a puppy, when it grows up it will have learnt the lesson of socialisation and we will no longer have a conflictive dog, so if we do not take these steps soon enough we will have an insecure and unsociable dog, which will bark excessively and create its own fears.
    A bad socialisation and a bad learning process will cause the dog to acquire fears, insecurities and insecurities, which will end up causing him anxiety, which he will uncover with behaviour that is not at all correct, biting excessively, barking a lot, attacking other dogs or animals, etc.
    Avoid these problems and above all find out which dog is the most suitable to adopt, each breed has its virtues but also its defects, so on our home page we invite you to choose that breed by using the filters of size, activity and coat.

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