Top ten dog movies of all time

Las diez mejores películas de perros

Dogs are the most successful animals in the film industry. The filmography about dogs is abundant, but there are some titles that stand out.

The ten best dog films of all time
Below, we bring you a selection of ten films that you shouldn't miss if you haven't seen them with your family and your most faithful companion. Plus, you can find out which streaming platform you can find them on. Here we go!


    The Lady and the Tramp

    Directed by Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske and Walter Jackson, this is the story of an impossible love between Reina, a one-of-a-kind cocker spaniel, and Golfo, a stray dog who lives as he wants and runs away. from the urban van the Zwingers may very well run away. Beyond the romance, culminating in a romantic Italian dinner with the two protagonists over spaghetti, the film deals with the jealousy that animals can have when their owners have a child and leave it behind.

    Partners and hounds

    Disney Plus

    Funny 1989 comedy directed by Roger Spottiswoode and starring a young Tom Hanks, which tells the story of a detective whose neat world falls apart when he has to team up with a slimy dog named Hooch, a Bordeaux Great Dane. An animal that might not be the most apt example of man's best friend, but in the course of the relationship he wins the heart of the protagonist. An odd couple with an atypical friendship that makes us laugh and makes us understand that each of us has our own particularities that must be respected.

    White Fang


    Adaptation of the Jack London novel that made Ethan Hawke famous in 1991. The actor plays Jack Conroy, who arrives in Alaska in the midst of the gold rush in the late 19th century, ready to claim his late father's legacy. There he develops a close relationship with White Fang, a cross between a wolf and a dog, not without difficulty due to the intransigence of an animal that has made survival its hallmark. A fast-paced adventure film that leaves us sitting on the sofa with our souls on tenterhooks.


    Movistar Plus

    The first of the seven films of this St. Bernard was a box-office hit in 1992. Beethoven tells the story of the arrival of a dog of this breed to a family home, where, except for the father who wants to return him, he is very well received, although in the end he gives in. Although Beethoven causes the father a lot of trouble and makes the house dirty, his presence becomes the source of happiness they were looking for. The film is also a plea against cruelty to animals, played by an evil veterinarian named Varnick who tries to put Beethoven to sleep.

    Marley and Me


    It took twenty-two different labs to portray Marley's fourteen years of life in this moving film based on the autobiography of journalist John Grogan, who appears in a scene with his wife. Starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston and directed by David Frankel in 2008, the film portrays the life of this couple who chose to raise a dog before becoming parents.


    Rakuten TV

    A very clever collie who leaves her owners' home before they sell her because of financial problems. In order to return, Lassie overcomes all the barriers she encounters on her journey. The film went on to receive an Oscar nomination. Her films never go out of fashion and establish Lassie as one of the most iconic dog characters on television.

    Always by your side

    Amazon Prime Video

    A touching film that shows the loyalty of dogs to their masters. Richard Gere, Joan Allen and Sarah Roemer star in this remake of the Japanese film that Lasse Hallström brought to screens around the world in 2009. Based on true events, it tells the incredible story of Hachiko, an Akita dog who, after the death of his owner two years after his birth, spent day after day until his death ten years later at the entrance to the train station, where I waited for him on his way home from work and where one day he did not return. A film for the whole family that makes us cry with scenes like Hachi with Allen, who waits for Gere as a tribute to Gere, who is rewarded with a statue in the middle of the square next to the Odate station in Japan.

    101 Dalmatians

    Disney Plus

    Considered one of the most famous and essential dog films in history. After the release of this Disney classic, everyone associated Dalmatians with this film. Now it is back in fashion because of the premiere of Cruella in Disney Plus, one of the most remembered villains of the cinema.

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