Techniques to improve a dog's behaviour

comportamiento del perro

If you have ever discarded adopting a pet, because you think it will destroy everything, you are not right, in fact when a dog is conflictive the owner is to blame for not teaching it good practices.
That is why in this article we are going to tell you what are the best practices so that your dog is not conflictive and that the coexistence with your pet is totally positive.


    General training in the first moments

    The first thing I have to tell you is that the best time to train your dog is when it is a puppy, as it is in its best learning phase and at least the commands we are going to teach it will be well understood.
    You have to bear in mind that your dog is an animal and therefore its behaviour will be as such, what you say to it will not be understood, it will only understand moods, that is to say it will know at all times if you are angry, happy, joyful, or in what mood you are in, because it will detect this.
    One of the first things we have to do is to get him used to urinate in a specific place, such as a soaker or nappy, it is about being aware of the first times he wants to urinate and bring the nappy closer to him, so that he does it on it, with a couple of days that he sees that he always urinates on the nappy, it will be enough, for the next times he will go where the nappy is and urinate voluntarily there, because this concept will be engraved in his mind.

    Things to take into account for training

    Apart from controlling where he can urinate, we have to take into account that the socialization of our pet is very important, so that we do not have problems in the future and of course it is something that we have to do when he is a puppy.

    Another very important detail in which we must not fall into (and many people make this big mistake) is the mistake of pampering or overprotecting him, as with this we are not doing him any favours, on the contrary, we will be accentuating his fears and therefore it will not be positive at all.
    There is a point of vital importance and it is related to the feeding of our pet, at no time should he eat our food, I know that there are difficult situations and moments when he asks for food, because the smell alone tempts him, but the feed is designed to collect all the nutrients in a correct way for his organism.

    General conclusions on training

    With all that we have said, we can draw many conclusions, the first and main one is that we must educate our pet, very early, practically when he stops suckling, we have to teach him how his way of life will be.
    Giving him the activity he needs is another very important point, with which we will be able to keep our dog in perfect condition, as when exercising he will not accumulate nerves of any kind. Dogs are hierarchical animals and therefore we have to let him see that we are above him, in all senses, only in this way, he will show all his docility.

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