Medium dog breeds

raza perro mediano

If you are thinking of adopting a dog I imagine that one of your preferences will be the medium-sized dog breeds.

Medium sized dogs usually weigh between 15 and 25 kilos in their adult phase, halfway between a small dog and a big dog, so they are usually the most demanded breeds to adopt, together with small dog breeds that are even more demanded for adoptions, especially those families that have never had a dog at home.


    Care for medium-sized dog breeds
    medium-sized dog breeds

    We should not really differentiate the care of dogs by size, theoretically a large dog needs the same care as a small dog, although there are certain things that we have to take into account.

    Medium sized dog breeds have a medium size, although they need to be cared for in the same way as other dog sizes, it is true that they eat less than big dogs, therefore their faeces are also smaller and it seems that all of this is always taken into account when deciding to have a dog at home.

    Therefore the medium sized dog breeds are the second most demanded in families that have never had a dog, but the first in families that have already had dogs, this happens because the first time you decide to have a dog at home, if it is small you think you will be able to control it better and that it will make less mess, but once you have seen what is there, you decide to have one a little bigger, so that it is more identifiable.

    Characteristics of the medium sized dog breed

    The characteristics of the medium sized dog breed are determined by the breed rather than the size, so we can find everything from very submissive breeds to breeds that are a little wilder. In any case, the socialisation of your dog is very important.

    medium sized dog breeds
    Remember that your dog's behaviour will be determined by the education he receives, a dog is governed by hierarchies, that is to say, the dog does not understand complete equality, he feels above the others or some and he feels below all or some, depending on what rank we allow him to be in, his behaviour will be one way or another.

    Summary of the medium sized dog breed

    As with all sizes and breeds, the medium sized dog breed must be educated and socialised from puppyhood if it is to behave correctly.

    A lack of socialisation will mean that their behaviour towards other people or other animals will not be the most appropriate, we will see an insecure dog that is always on guard. However, if we manage to socialise them when they are very young, with other people, other dogs and even with other types of animals, they will behave more securely and correctly. Most of the time, if we give him too much protection or simply give him too much cuddles, we will create an insecure dog full of doubts, remember that a dog has to make his own way in the hierarchy at home.

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