Large dog breeds

raza de perro grande

In this article we are going to tell you what are usually the reasons for adopting large dog breeds, as large dogs are not usually adopted as much as small dog breeds.

It is normal that large dogs are more difficult to be adopted by a family, the size does matter, mostly because a large dog multiplies the care and if we do not teach it properly it can be very uncomfortable to live at home with a large dog.


    When large dog breeds are ideal

    There are many breeds of large dogs, actually when a dog exceeds 30 kilos it can be considered a large dog and then we find many breeds that meet this indicator and if we continue with the theme of weight, there are breeds that the male can exceed 80 kilos, but these dogs are already considered XXL giants.

    Obviously if you are thinking of incorporating a large breed of dog into your family, you have to bear in mind that the space that the dog can have in your home is very important, that is to say, if you live in a small flat that does not have a terrace, consider adopting another size of dog, more than anything, because if we take space away from the dog we will have to compensate by taking it out for a walk many more times a day and then you may have time problems.

    The ideal situation would be to have a place in the country where you can keep large breeds of dogs, such as a farm or a villa, this is when a large dog makes a lot of sense.

    How to adopt large dog breeds

    Large breeds of dogs are adopted like any other, in fact people normally prefer small dogs, mostly families who have decided to incorporate a dog into their family and it is the first time they have a dog at home, but the adoption procedures do not matter the size of the dog.

    What is very important is that you are very clear that a dog is not a toy and that it will soon cease to be a puppy (in case it calls you a puppy). We have to be very conscious that if we decide to have a big dog in our house, it has to be with all the requirements and that many of them are not going to be good.

    Everything we have to keep in mind about big dogs

    Adopting a big puppy is very easy, as it looks small it makes us laugh and the children make us emotional blackmail, but we must not fall into it, we have to be clear that the puppy will be a big dog in a while.

    And that if we have not been able to educate him correctly, he will be able to pee and the other thing at home. Often all this is not taken into account and some heartless families even abandon the dog because they are bothered by its behaviour, when what they do not know is that they made the mistake because they did not educate it as they should have done.

    Never abandon a pet, it would never abandon you.

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