How to raise a puppy

educar a un cachorro

If you are thinking of adopting a puppy, one of your first questions will probably be how you can educate a puppy, as you will be worried about how it will behave once it is installed in your home.

First of all, a dog is a pet and we humans are also its pack, the puppy will adapt to its environment very easily, but it will need an education to make it clear what it has to do at home.


    Techniques for training a puppy

    The truth is that the best time to educate a dog is when he is a puppy, because everything you teach him at that stage will stay with him forever.

    There are no bad dogs, there are bad owners

    First of all, bear in mind that the puppy will want to be with you all day long, he does not understand that people have to go to work or that we have some needs when we cannot count on the puppy, he only observes that at one moment of the day we disappear and he is left alone, this concept is not positive for the education of the dog.

    The first step is little by little, show him that in a small period of the day he has to be alone, it is convenient to make it clear to him that he has a house inside the house, that is to say, we can make him like a dog house, in a room, or if we have a terrace, that will be his place of shelter, a place to be when there is nobody at home, a place where he can feel safe even if he is alone.

    Dog training methods

    There are several methods to train a canine, although we prefer to call it as educating a puppy, because in short it is an education that achieves

    There is the reward method, which consists of teaching the puppy that when he does something well he gets a reward, but be careful, a reward is not necessarily about giving him food, but something that he really appreciates, even a caress can be considered as a reward, the difficult thing is that he associates this act to the fact that he has done something well.

    For example, if we want him to go into his kennel when we have to go, we will not only have to indicate that we want him to be in his kennel, but when we get the dog to go into his kennel, a caress as if to indicate that we are rewarding this act will be the most appropriate thing to do.

    Guidelines for training a puppy

    We can follow several guidelines to train our puppy, but as we have already mentioned, the reward is the most convenient one.

    There is also the attitude of our temperament, remember that the dog does not understand words, but it does understand states of mind, therefore if it does not do what we want an attitude of anger will be totally captured by the dog and therefore it will know at all times if we like it or on the contrary we are annoyed with something it has done, another thing is to be able to show it what it has done wrong, especially if we do not do it at the moment of the act.

    And above all, remember that the puppy can grow up but will always remain loyal to you.

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