How to know which breed of dog is the most suitable for adoption

diferentes razas de perros

We know that having a pet in our family does not have to be a whim or a toy because we have seen a puppy and our son/daughter wants us to have it at home.
Therefore, we will start by meditating on which breed best suits our way of life, both in terms of the free time we have to dedicate to the pet and the place we have available for it.
Once we have meditated on these variants, we will go on to the selection of the pet by means of three characteristics that we believe to be the most important for such selection:
Selection of the pet by its SIZE
Selection of mascot by its ACTIVITY
Selection of pet by its COAT


    How to know which size is the most suitable for the pet that fits into my life

    Obviously the size of an animal will condition a lot the space we have, that is to say, if we have a small flat, having a very big pet is not the most suitable, however as the size is not the only indicator, we will value the set of all the classifications.
    Logic indicates that if our space is small, the pet will also be small, but if on the contrary we have to adopt a pet to be the guardian of our house or land, obviously the size will not be an impediment, the bigger the dog, the more imposition it will cause and as the space is big, our pet can also be big.
    However, as we have said before, size is only one characteristic and we must select all of them together.

    How do I know which activity is the most appropriate for the pet I need?

    A dog's activity is usually one of the most important indicators for selecting the most suitable pet. Although the same breed of dog does not usually have only one activity, but if, for example, we like hunting, we will select a pet whose activity is hunting so that it can enjoy this hobby with us.
    If, on the other hand, we do not have a clear selection by activity, because it does not matter whether it is a breed for hunting or herding (for example), the most suitable characteristic would be a companion dog, which is suitable for practically all activities.
    Knowing the activity of the pet, we can also generalize a little with their needs, although it is not always so clear, so we invite you to enter the file of the breed and you can read what their characteristics, character, health, etc. are.

    How to know which coat is the most suitable for our pet

    The first thing we have to take into account is that the coat will determine the protection of the dog and therefore what is its preferred climate, although you can adopt a Japanese Akita dog living in Andalusia, obviously this dog will have to be more sheltered from the high temperatures, looking for the coolest areas of your home.
    But the coat not only determines the ideal temperature of the area for the pet to feel in its habitat, but also the maintenance that we must apply to our dog is very important, as the bigger the size of the coat, the more brushing we will have to do and therefore the more time we will have to dedicate to the pet.
    There is also the issue of hair loss, because when we have the dog in a flat, we have to take into account that the cleaning will have to be more forceful, as almost all dogs shed hair (some more than others) and only very few breeds are hairless, such as the Xoloitzcuintle breed dog.

    Final conclusions on how to select the perfect pet

    Apart from selecting the pet by its size, activity or coat, we also have to go into the file of a specific breed and see if we will be able to give it the walks it needs in case it is a very active breed.
    At the same time, something that would perfectly determine which breed is the best fit, is to see if we are going to have time to dedicate to the pet (even if it is a member of our family), as there are many breeds that do not like solitude, so leaving them alone for long periods of time will create anxiety that will negatively deteriorate their behaviour.
    Therefore, if for reasons of work or studies the pet would spend more time without company than with it, you should look for a breed that is as independent as possible, although there is also the solution of adopting two dogs so that they can keep each other company, but this often does not work.

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