How to care for a long-haired dog

cuidar pelo largo

If you have a long-haired dog, you are sure to have despaired more than once of the tangles and difficulties that long hair entails.
Don't despair, because in this article we are going to tell you how to take care of a long-haired dog so that it is a delight and not a nuisance.
All this information is useful for when you decide to add a pet to your family.


    Maintaining a long-haired dog's coat

    If we want to have a well cared for dog, this involves daily maintenance, habits, hygiene, activity, etc. Remember that as a puppy we must socialise him and get him to follow some guidelines that will facilitate his behaviour and thus improve our experience with him.
    Let's go to the care of long hair, which is what brings us to this article, the most important thing is to keep the coat in good appearance, ie without tangles or high dirt, so every day we will perform a thorough brushing, but remove any tangles and at the same time remove traces of dirt, or dirt that may have caught with daily walks.

    Consequences of long hair on a dog

    Surely many people think that long hair has to be much less hygienic, because hair loss can make a house or flat dirtier, but actually the opposite is usually true, that is to say, long-haired dogs do not usually suffer as much hair loss as other breeds that have short hair.

    Another factor that we have to take into account is that the long-haired dog will have to go to the hairdresser's much more than others that do not have such a long coat, and at the same time it will be interesting that at the beginning of spring we give him a more thorough cut of the coat, never remove all the hair, as we can unprotect him from the effects of the sun's rays.
    We must bear in mind that the coat, as well as being a protection for the winters, is also a protection in the summers, as a priori it can give warmth, it also offers insulation against the sun's rays and they usually have very white and weak skin, which is why this coat will give them extra protection. Therefore, remember, you can cut the hair, but never shear it as they do to sheep.

    Conclusions about long hair on a dog

    Hair on dogs is a fixed identity and a look that tends to attract, there is no arguing that when we keep our dog's coat in perfect condition, the display of it is very beautiful. But like everything else we can appreciate, maintenance is also costly.
    The cost of the maintenance of our dog's coat, will come out of the number of times it needs to go to the hairdresser, because even if it is not a specimen for pedigree competitions, we will have to invest both time and money so that the coat has a good image and therefore, our dog looks with a high rate of care.
    If you want to have more news and breeds of dogs with long hair you can go to our category for long hair.

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