Dogs suitable for hunting

perro apto para la caceria

If you are a hunter or just a fan of hunting and you want to know which dogs are suitable for hunting, you are in the right place.
We will talk not only about the most common breeds for hunting, but also about all the interesting things, in case you want your hound to be a support for hunting.
If you want to adopt a pet, follow this article carefully.


    Dog breeds suitable for hunting

    We can start by saying that a dog has a natural hunting instinct and almost all breeds would be suitable for this purpose,
    Pampering or simply a diminutive size has meant that nowadays we can exclude many dogs from hunting, therefore we will now name the most common breeds for hunting.

    • English Beagle.
    • Water Dog.
    • American Akita.
    • Spanish Cocker.
    • Golden Retriever.
    • Spanish Greyhound.
    • Czechoslovakian Wolfhound.
    • Harrier.

    And many others, that although we have not placed them in the previous list, they have many attitudes for hunting.
    To be a good hunting dog, the first thing is to have a good sense of smell, to be attentive to the situation, to have a good run and above all (which is the most difficult part) to have a predatory instinct that together with the obedience towards its owner, it is achieved that it can catch or corner the prey and therefore facilitate the aptitude of the hunt.

    How to make your dog a hunter

    As we were indicating previously, the great majority of dogs can have the quality of hunters, because although they are not really predatory animals as cats or all felines in general can be, just by having a highly developed sense of smell and having a good agility and running ability, they can be suitable for hunting.

    But often our dog may have very little aptitude for hunting and therefore need special education or training in order to be able to serve the hunt.
    If we want to train our dog to be a good hound and detect possible prey, we have to teach him as a puppy, with games where we will hide a toy and he will have to look for it, at that moment we will use the reward technique, to give positivity to the act.
    Another very good indicator is to associate a word, which alerts our dog, for example the word "search", can be useful, the question is that when he hears this word his instinct sharpens giving way to his hearing and smell that when they find a trail they will follow it with all their efforts.

    Conclusions of a hunting dog

    To find out if our dog can become a good hunting dog, we must first select one of the breeds we have named as a dog with hunting qualities.
    From a puppy, train it for hunting, teaching it to be rewarded if it finds a prey and practically nothing else, with all this, you will have a real hunting dog, then you will have a breed that is agile, fast and strong at the same time, all this will depend on the prey that we can face. If you want to extend this information knowing which are the most suitable dogs for hunting, you can visit our category: Hunting Activity and find out all about it.

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