Dogs stung by bees

Perros picados por abejas

The fact that a bee or wasp stings your dog is one of the biggest fears we can have, we can start from the fact that it is not usually something normal, it is quite difficult for a dog to be stung by bees, but obviously it is not impossible.

We must be clear about the difference between a bee and a wasp, the former can only sting once (after that they die, because the sting stays in them and when they pull it out of their abdomen they die instantly), but the wasp is much more dangerous, as the same wasp can sting several times, in fact the wasp does not sting, the wasp bites.


    How can I prevent my dog from being stung by bees?

    We know that the most dangerous time for your dog to be stung by bees or wasps begins in spring and ends almost at the end of summer, so these are the months when we have to be most vigilant when our pet is loose in the countryside.

    Bees and wasps are attracted by sweet smells, so we should avoid our pet giving off these smells. Although the most important thing is to avoid areas where we see a large agglomeration of bees or wasps, bees are usually controlled in beekeepers' boxes and are quickly visible, so we should avoid walking with our dog in places where these boxes are.

    With regard to wasps it is somewhat more insecure, we have to be very careful especially in the middle of the day when it is the hottest, as wasps are most active when it is hottest and tend to make small hives in hidden places, cracks, holes, etc. If we see a wasp hanging around, we must be clear that its hive is very close by, so we should avoid these places.

    Dogs stung by bees, the main symptoms

    One of the main possibilities for your dog to be stung by a bee, is that the bee is prowling around your dog and the dog wants to bite it, and may swallow it, or the bee may sting it in the mouth or areas with little hair, which are the most vulnerable areas.

    Your dog's reaction to a bee or wasp sting is very similar to ours, i.e. the area tends to swell depending on the reaction and the amount of venom it has received and if we see that the sting has been in a problematic area, such as the throat inside, we must take him urgently to the vet, so that he can be given corticoids to quickly eliminate the inflammation, as he could choke, as he will not be able to breathe properly.

    We must point out that long-haired dogs are usually more protected against bee or wasp stings.

    How to act when a dog is stung by a bee

    First of all we must be clear about which insect has stung him, then we will explore the place where the sting has been done, if it has been a bee we must remove the sting, for example with the nail dragging it outwards, if it is in areas far from the eyes and throat, we should not worry, but if we see that the sting has been near the throat or eyes, it will always be much better to take him quickly to the vet, so that the swelling is quickly reduced to avoid problems.

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