Dog houses

Casa para perro

Today we have a very extensive market and houses for dogs could not be less, so you have an endless number of materials, designs and shapes.

Dog houses are the places where our dog will be more comfortable, keep in mind that a dog does not have the same concept of home as a human, for them the house is their den, a place where they just fit, but they can be free from threats from the outside.


    Which dog houses are the most suitable.
    Dog houses

    As I was indicating in the prologue of this article, dog houses do not need to be big or full of rooms.

    The dog has the concept of security as something where you can enter but escape is very difficult to achieve, that is, imagine a small cave, where the dog can enter and can hardly move, that would be the basis of a good den.

    The most important thing to pay attention to is the materials, i.e. whether the dog houses are made of plastic, wood, concrete, etc. Depending on the quality of the materials, the budget of the dog houses will be determined.

    What size of dog house should we offer our dog?

    As I said before, a dog prefers to have a small house, a place where he and little else can fit, that is the ideal, as the concept of space is not the same as ours, they look for security.

    Therefore, we will determine the size of the house you need by the size of the dog and little else. Normally small and toy dogs, you can buy them a very small dog house, in fact they will be the smallest houses on the market, because it makes sense, as this type of dog has such a small size that their house has to be the same.

    Dog houses
    And of course the bigger dogs will also need bigger dog houses, but as long as they can get in and crawl in there it will be perfect for them.

    Then one thing that we do have to be very clear, is that they are good materials and that really insulate our dog from bad weather, because obviously the dog houses do not have a door, it is a hole.

    How to prepare dog houses

    As I was telling you before, it depends a lot on the material with which the dog houses have been made, but most of them will come disassembled.

    To reduce the cost of manufacturing and above all storage and transport, the dog houses come disassembled, so we will have to follow the assembly instructions in order to keep the dog house up to date. Then there is also the possibility of building your pet a house completely out of concrete, we have to take into account that this last material is more expensive than for example the plastic or fibre dog houses, however the houses made of concrete have a much longer life span than all the other materials.

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