Dog grooming in Madrid

Peluquería de perros en Madrid

If you have a dog with long or medium long hair, you are probably taking it to a dog groomer in Madrid, of course, if you are from another city you will take it to another place, but we want to advise you on how you have to do to improve your comfort.

Surely you've heard of it, but there are dog grooming salons that are at home, yes, you read that right, you call and a dog groomer comes to your house to leave your dog looking great.


    Dog grooming at home in Madrid

    As I said before, you have a new service at home, before it was not possible but now with the issue of confinement, new services have been created and one of them is dog grooming at home, with the advantage that your dog is in their habitat and there you can make the cut with which your dog will be great.

    It is clear that times change and with them appear and disappear services, so we have to evolve over time, so we wanted to introduce this new service, although you will always have the service of dog grooming in Madrid moving to the local, so as best you have it.

    Advantages of a dog grooming service in Madrid

    We will analyse the service of dog grooming in Madrid at home, to be able to see the advantages and disadvantages of a dog grooming, between the one that is at home and the one you have to go to the premises, although we also have to tell you that most dog grooming salons in Madrid have both services, ie, on premises and at home.

    The advantage of having the dog grooming at home, obviously, is not having to make the trip with our dog, because if it is close it still makes sense, but if we have it far away and we have to take the car to move, it is quite a big hassle.

    We all know that dogs are territorial and if the groomer comes to your home, the dog will feel more protected, because he is in his own environment and the haircut will be more comfortable, at least that is how it should be.

    Before taking our dog to a dog groomer

    We always have to take into account everything we should do before going to a dog hairdresser, the most important thing is to have our dog socialized so that the haircut is as comfortable as possible, remember that there are no bad dogs, but careless owners.

    If we are talking about a PPP dog, (potentially dangerous dog) we will have to take it with the muzzle, to avoid possible problems and we simply have to trust the professional, we have to take into account that the professionals of the canine hairdresser's are experts in it and they will have passed thousands of dogs so they know how to treat them in all possible situations. We must also remember that it is not good to cut too much hair, because dogs tend to have a very delicate skin epidermis and if we remove almost all the hair, we are taking away the protection for the dog's skin. We are taking away the protection so that the epidermis does not suffer.

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