Dog food

Comida ideal para perros

If you have never had a dog before, you may not give much importance to dog food, thinking that dogs eat leftovers and that little is enough.

However, ideally, dogs should be fed dog food, and that is nothing more than dog food, although there are many types of dog food from many manufacturers, but we must look for one that is balanced for our dog's breed.


    Which dog food is best for your dog.
    Dog food

    As I was telling you in the introduction to this article, there are still many people who think that a dog is fed on leftovers from our food, but that was in the old days when a dog was not cared for as it is now.

    In reality, if we only fed him with leftover food, what we would be doing is feeding him incorrectly and therefore he would be more likely to become ill or not feel the way we want our dog to feel, because at the end of the day he is one of our family.

    That is why the most suitable food for dogs is a food that is suitable for the size of the dog and the breed. Normally there are two more generic types of food, such as food for puppies and food for adults, practically the only difference is the size of the grain of the food, in the former there are smaller balls than in the latter.

    Then, unless we need a vitaminised or medicalised food, because our dog has a deficiency, the normal thing is that the difference between foods is given by the quality of the food and, of course, this quality is also given by the price of the food, as it could not be otherwise.

    How much dog food should we give our dog?

    Normally in all the packages where the food comes, there is a table that indicates the quantity that we have to give to our dog, it is determined by the weight of the dog and by the activity, mainly.

    Dog food
    However, we can always ask our vet which quantity of dog food is the most suitable for our dog. Because the same vet will decree his activity and after the relevant examination he will be able to easily see if he is being given the right food.

    How to feed dog food

    Normally dog food should be given once a day, although it is also true that if there are more special cases, we should use a different technique.

    For example, let's imagine that we have a very gluttonous dog, so the most advisable thing to do is to divide the daily dose into two parts and give him a portion in the morning and another portion in the afternoon, in this way we will rectify a little the craving for food, because it is not in our dog's interest to behave in this way when it comes to dog food. It also depends a lot on how we have our pet, whether it lives with us or we have it in the countryside or in a villa, because if we have our dog in a field, we will have to use a silo and put food for several days and in these cases we have to educate our dog so that it does not eat out of anxiety.

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