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More and more people are wearing clothes for dogs, many times it is simply to have their photo taken but other times it is because we have a dog whose breed is for a warm climate and we are in a cold climate (for example).

Anyway, we are not used to see our pet with clothes, but it doesn't mean that it can't be or that we simply think that the dog could be bothered to wear it, it all depends on what we put on it.


    Cases in which to wear dog clothing

    As we were telling you before, the most normal thing to wear clothes for dogs is in the situation of the climate, that is to say, let's imagine that we have a dog that is suitable for temperate climate and we are in a place where winters can be quite harsh, it will be at that time when we dress our dog with some clothes, of course clothes suitable for him.

    For example the chihuahua, they are dogs with a very short and hard coat, normally when the ambient temperature drops below 12º they tend to get a bit cold, you will notice it because they start to shiver and look for the warmth of a hug, because those dogs are the most suitable to dress with some warm clothes.

    There is also the case of garments that can be used for something more than just warmth, as is the case of harnesses with pockets, imagine that your dog can help you in the task of DIY, taking advantage of the fact that the dog always follows its owner, we can use a harness with multi-pockets and that these house tools that we can use in our work.

    Where to buy dog clothes

    Normally dog clothes can be bought in specialised pet shops, if you have one near your home, perfect, but if you don't have any near you, you can also buy them online.

    We are not going to tell you which websites are the most suitable, because this article is not for you to buy anything, nor to incite you to do so, we just want to inform you that a specialised pet shop is where you will be able to find some clothes for your dog.

    Our advice is that whenever you can buy it in a physical shop, more than anything because there you can always find a professional who will help you, in addition, buying clothes for dogs is not something very simple, there are many sizes and each dog has its physiognomy, therefore being able to try on the garment will be the best thing, otherwise we can easily make a mistake.

    Is it a good idea to buy clothes for dogs?

    Clearly we will answer the question with a resounding yes, more than anything else for the issue of being able to regulate a little more the body heat, but only in the times that it is necessary, we have to remember that a dog already wears his natural coat, but when the weather is winter a little help to make him shiver can be very positive. For all other cases it's up to you, I don't particularly like to dress dogs, mostly because they are happy just as they came into the world.

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