Do dogs have souls?

Los perros tienen alma

We are entering into a very hot topic, since the beliefs of each person are involved, but if we think that people have souls, obviously animals must also have souls, another thing is that we are among those who think that there is nothing behind life, that's why we are casting doubt on whether dogs have souls.

Anyway, everything we can talk about here will be utopias and predictions not based on any concrete fact or real things, since nobody has come back from death to be able to say what is on the other side, therefore everything we can say or believe are mere imaginations that do not go any further.


    Where do dogs go when they die?

    I remember a film based on a book by Stephen King, author of many horror books, called "Pet Cemetery", which I personally liked very much, and of course, the theme was life after death for pets. By this I mean that it is a subject that interests many people and the more unknown there is, the more difficult it is to create a theory.

    So we come to the conclusion that most people think that dogs have souls, which is not a demonstrable thing but the belief also has a lot of weight and therefore we are left with that, regarding the question of where dogs go when they die, we can believe that there has to be a place where it is something like a heaven for pets, that some will think that they share heaven with people and others that they do not.

    We have said before that we deduce that pets must go to a heaven after death, because we assume that animals are very innocent beings and therefore can be carnivorous, omnivorous or herbivorous, but they have no evil, the carnivorous animal that kills is for its own subsistence, therefore it cannot be considered as a murder.

    Dogs have souls, final conclusions

    We have said that such unprovable issues depend directly on the beliefs of each person, so if you are a person who thinks that there is nothing after death, you will think that dogs have no soul, and that people have no soul either, that dying is the same as when you sleep but without brain activity and therefore without waking up. It would be like an end of existence, resounding and forceful.

    But then we have the other side of things, and these are the people who think in an afterlife, in a life after death or simply in a reincarnation of the souls, therefore these people will think that dogs, whatever their breed, have a soul and therefore when they are no longer alive they will pass to another state, another situation, a life of their soul, a reincarnation in another living being, etc. We don't want to go any further into conclusions when we know that the main thing is what one can or cannot believe.

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