Do dogs have feelings?

Los perros tienen sentimientos

If you have a dog (or even if you don't) you will surely have thought about the question of whether dogs have feelings, we know that they have a high perception of our feelings, more than anything else, of reading our inner selves.

Surely when you are in front of an imposing dog, you will have been told more than once not to show fear, otherwise the dog will detect it and will be able to attack you with more determination, evidently it is like that, that is to say when we approach a dog in the majority of cases, it detects our state of mind, if we are afraid, insecure, fearful, doubtful, etc.


    Do dogs really have feelings?

    As we were telling you in the introduction, dogs easily detect people's emotions and easily show their aptitude, that is to say, we can tell if our dog is happy, afraid, etc. But they are not really feelings, they are emotions and we detect this because, for example, the position of the tail is decisive.

    • Tail wagging constantly: Happiness and attention.
    • Tail high and overflowing: Courage and bravery.
    • Tail between the legs: Distrust and fear.

    Although we also have to say that it is never the same behaviour in all dog breeds, it will depend on certain things, but always with small changes, that is to say there are breeds that you see that the dog is wagging its tail insistently as if it were happy and joyful, but it is really telling you that not one step or you will have to deal with it, it is a quite epic behaviour, no matter if they are big dogs or small dogs.

    We can confuse feelings with emotions

    Yes, actually both emotions and feelings go quite well together, but they are not the same thing, we would say that emotions are more palpable and detectable states, but feelings go deeper, so in dogs it is really difficult to detect what is inside.

    We can have love for our pet, a love of life companion, but is our dog really feeling the same? It is difficult to know, although I think that dogs do not have feelings as such, but feel states that are closer to the senses.

    Conclusions on whether dogs have feelings

    It really all depends on one's own belief, because to really know if dogs have feelings is very difficult, we know that they have emotions but to pass to be emotions is something more difficult to calculate.

    For example, if we are very close to our dog and one day we have to be separated from him, the person who stays in contact with the dog will notice a feeling of sadness. What is difficult to determine is whether this sadness because the owner is not there is really a feeling or an emotion. That is the main debate of all.

    We know that dogs are animals with fixed habits and when they are away from their daily life, their behaviour can change completely, that is why we have to try to keep their life unchanging and we will be able to enjoy a mentally healthy dog.

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