Do dogs have belly buttons?

Los perros tienen ombligo

It is most likely that you have ever asked yourself the question of whether dogs have belly buttons, it is nothing more than a curiosity, as we know that dogs are also mammals like us, but in the animal world we have different varieties.

If you have a dog, I'm sure that right now you will be curious to take it and see for yourself if your dog really has a belly button, well, whether you have a dog or not, in this article we will reveal the answer, but not only will you find the yes or no answer, but we will also explain why.


    Dogs really have navels

    Yes, as you have read in the headline, yes, to the question if dogs have a belly button the resounding answer is "yes", as they are viviparous mammals, therefore they have placenta and the umbilical cord, although it is not like that of people, it does have its similarity, therefore it can leave the mark of a belly button.

    We have to clarify that it is not the same navel as in people, that is to say, I am sure that if you have a dog right now you will be trying to see its navel and maybe you will not even find it, but dogs do not have a navel as pronounced as ours, that is why in most cases it will be difficult to see it.

    I can't see if my dog has a belly button

    As I was telling you before, dogs don't have a belly button as pronounced as people do, so you probably won't be able to see your dog's belly button, but I assure you that he does have one.

    It also depends a lot on their birth, that is to say, the umbilical cord is not as present as the umbilical cord of people, therefore it does not usually leave a mark on the puppies and therefore it seems that they do not have it.

    You may come across a dog that suffers from an umbilical hernia, I hope this is not the case with your dog, but if it should happen, you will see a rather ugly lump in the navel area, don't worry, because although it is aesthetically horrible, it has a fairly easy solution.

    A hernia is nothing more than a piece of intestine that goes through the muscular layer and hits the skin, therefore it is a lump that comes out and to avoid problems it has to be treated, the operation is quite simple, the area is opened, the piece of intestine is introduced in its place and a reinforcement is placed in the torn internal wall, so that it offers greater resistance.

    Apart from hernias, we can also see how our dog can have an umbilical ulcer, so the navel would swell, in this case we indicate the same as with the hernia, you will have to take him to a vet to treat the animal and rectify the ulcer, which most likely is that catching it in time is not something serious.

    Remember that when you see your dog licking an area insistently, you have to observe it because most of the time when they lick an area of their body it is because they notice something that is not normal in their body. We also have an article where we explain the main reasons why a dog constantly licks itself, don't miss it as it is very interesting.

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