Dangers for your pet

Peligros para tu mascota

If you have a pet, you must be clear that you should walk your dog about three times a day, and if you are near a more rural area, it would be ideal to take it out in the countryside or in the mountains, it is at this time when we have to take into account the dangers that may lie in wait for our pet.

It is very simple, day to day life, with hidden dangers, and by this we do not mean that your dog should not go out for a walk, but that you can easily discover the dangers outside, both in the countryside and in the mountains. That is why we want to tell you what you should do to at least prevent these dangers.


    Possible dangers for your pet

    As I was telling you before, we have to separate above all two zones where you have to be careful so that your pet does not have problems.

    • Urban area: If you live in a big city, I imagine that almost all walks will be in the city centre, so the danger comes from cars or vehicles that can run over your dog, a safety measure is to keep your dog on a leash so that it doesn't get lost and can be run over, practically by avoiding this you have almost everything done, always referring to the city centre of the cities.
    • Rural area: If you walk with your dog in the countryside or in the mountains, you can surely let it run and exercise as it needs to, but at that moment we have another problem and that is the dangers that the rural environment can represent for our pet, such as other animals and bugs. We have to take into account that our dog is not prepared for life in a rural environment and therefore there are many situations that are too big for him.

    Now that it has been made clear that walks in the countryside have different dangers to those we can take in the urban environment, we are going to name the worst enemies that our pet can encounter in the countryside or mountains.

    • Processionaries.
    • Bedbugs.
    • Ticks.
    • Snakes.
    • Rats.
    • Wild boars.

    And a lot of wild animals that we can find in the countryside or in the mountains.

    How to avoid the dangers for our pets

    If we usually take our pet through the mountain, one of the dangers that we have to be very careful with, is that our dog does not go where there is processionary, if you do not know it, the processionary is a worm that forms in the pine trees and can be detected when in the branches we see a woven bag, that is its nest, but many times they leave it to go through the area, we can see it as a series of worms that go in single file, as if they were in procession, hence its name.

    These worms have hairs on the outside that emanate a substance that is highly dangerous, to the point of being able to cause death, so we must not let them come into contact with our dog, and not with us either, because the processionary worm will not do you any good.

    The safest pet among us

    As I was saying, the most important thing is that if we take our dog loose in the mountains, we should keep an eye on it and as soon as we see some processionary processionary in the pine trees, go somewhere else. This is the best way to avoid the danger, as our dog could be affected, whether it is a large, small or medium breed, the processionary toxin affects all of them in the same way.

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