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perros de raza tamaño pequeño s

Here we find dogs weighing between 5 and 15 kilos, they are small dogs and therefore they are the most comfortable in small flats, although we must bear in mind that small size does not mean that they do not need activity, it will depend a lot on the characteristics of the breed.


    Usefulness of a Small S dog

    These breeds, as used to happen with dwarfs, are usually exclusively for companionship and vigilance. Their size is an advantage to have them in small houses or flats and they are usually very useful for the elderly or people who are alone as they provide a lot of company.

    In addition to having a small size they usually compensate with barking, that is to say, at the minimum stalking that they sense they will warn you of a possible intruder, although all this also depends on the breed that you have, we are talking about a generic way, simply for being a small size.

    Care of the Small S dog

    The care we have to take with these small-sized breeds should be the same as with any size of dog, the only thing is that everything tends to be lighter, that is to say, any care task we do with a small dog breed will take less time and effort.

    What's more, small breed dogs tend to have a longer lifespan than larger dogs, which becomes an advantage, because we can share more years with them, especially considering how attached we become to them.

    Summary of the Small S dog

    If we are wishing to adopt a small breed dog, we must bear in mind that its main purpose is companionship and vigilance, that depending on the breed it will need more or less activity and its temperament will also be different depending on its genes, so it is advisable to read the breed's file to find out which is the one that best suits our lifestyle.

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