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perros de raza grandes xl

Here we find the dogs of weight between 25 and 50 kilos, they are dogs of important size and therefore we have to take into account that they have a great strength and depending on the breed they will need more or less activity, it is convenient to have them in big spaces if possible in the countryside or mountain, so that they never feel imprisoned.


    Utility of a Large XL dog

    When we talk about a breed of large dogs we are referring to dogs that can weigh up to 50 kilos and therefore they are dogs of important size and therefore their usefulness is diverse, but always within the work, that is to say, hunting dogs, shepherd dogs, etc.

    We also have to be clear that due to its size the place where we have it must meet minimum space requirements, as they tend to be dogs of high activity, although much will also depend on the breed of dog we select, so we invite you to enter the file of the breed you want to adopt to see if the dog can fit into your lifestyle.

    Care of the Large XL dog

    The care that a large dog needs is usually the same as that of other sizes, only the volume is much greater, that we have to take into account, that is, if we have to pick up the dog's droppings, obviously the larger the dog is, these defecations will also be larger.

    All other care will depend directly on the breed we select for our dog.

    Summary of the Large XL dog

    To sum up the needs of a large breed dog, space and activity should be greater than with dogs of smaller sizes, everything else being the same as with other sized breeds of dog. Our advice is to adopt the dog that best suits your lifestyle, the place where you are going to keep it, your family and above all the amount of free time you have to dedicate to your dog.

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