Size Giant XXL

perros de raza gigantes xxl

Here we find dogs weighing more than 50 kilos, they are large dogs, ideal to have in the country, chalet or places with wide spaces, they are not usually very active, because they are heavy, but it is not good that they are enclosed in small spaces.


    Utility of a Giant XXL dog

    When we talk about giant XXL size dogs, they are already a big word, normally they are used for the care of a farm, orchard, villa or as much for grazing, they are animals of a large size capable of facing any threat, that is why they are welcomed by people who live in the countryside.

    The disadvantage is that this type of dog cannot be kept in a house such as a flat, as they need considerable space to move around freely, although they are not usually breeds that need a lot of activity, as they are heavy and not at all agile.

    Care of the Giant XXL dog

    Practically the different care with the other breeds, consists only of having them in large spaces, because everything else is like any other breed, that is to say, we will brush them weekly and we will give them a shower every month or every two months.

    The complication with the care of these dogs is usually due to their size, they are not at all manageable and many times you will need help to give them a proper bath.

    Summary of the Giant XXL dog

    Due to their large size, Giant XXL dogs need large spaces and although they are not usually very active, we should not skimp on their two daily walks, so that they feel freer. On the other hand, they are usually very protective dogs and your environment can be well looked after when you have a giant dog.

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