Size Dwarf XS

perros de raza tamaño enano xs

Here we find dogs weighing less than 5 kilos, they are very delicate dogs although in a generic way they are usually temperamental as the lack of size is usually covered with barking and bad tempered actions, as if they wanted to be on the defensive, that is why as a general rule small breed dogs are to be kept in a flat or in places with little space, they will feel much more tucked in.


    Utility of a Dwarf XS dog

    The use we can make of a dwarf-sized dog is practically that of a companion, that is to say, we have the advantage of its small size, so that we can hold it in our arms and at the same time its needs for food and exercise are not so great that we only have to take it out for a walk about three times, on short routes.

    Dwarf dogs are ideal for older people, as they form an ideal family nucleus, due to their low activity and the great attachment that these breeds have to their owners.

    Besides, if we manage to educate them perfectly, they will hardly make a mess and that is a great advantage for the elderly, they only have a small problem and that is that they tend to be nervous breeds, although there is always one more than the others, but this nervousness reduces with the passing of time.

    Care of the XS Dwarf dog

    A dwarf dog needs the same care as a larger dog, the only thing is that everything tends to be less, that is to say, when it comes to brushing it is not the same for a dwarf dog as for a large one, the former has much less to brush.

    As we were telling you before, as they tend to be nervous, if we have a breed that is too nervous, we will have to give it more activity to counteract these nerves, only in this way will we be able to calm them down effectively.

    Summary of the Dwarf XS dog

    To sum up, we can say that the dwarf dog breeds are practically suitable for companionship, especially for the elderly. They are also suitable for house guarding, as they are great watchdogs, especially barkers.

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