Tough Hair

perros de raza pelo duro

Here we find the dogs that have a hard coat, usually of short size, but of high hardness, so that the issue of climate, will be more or less like the short-haired dogs.


    Usefulness of a Wirehaired dog

    Hard hair is usually a short hair but because it is not at all fine, it is usually quite difficult to remove on clothes, it is not a problem when the dog sheds hair and it falls on the floor, as it is quite easy to clean and dogs with hard hair, do not shed as much hair as others.

    However, if the hair gets on the clothes, it is quite difficult to remove, as a simple brushing of the clothes is not enough to remove it, it becomes embedded in the fabrics of the clothes and the clothes have to be washed and brushed thoroughly to remove all traces of the hard hair.

    Care of dogs with coarse coats

    The care of rough-coated dogs is the same as for short-coated dogs, as the size of the rough coat is also short, and a weekly brushing will be more than enough to remove all the dead hair and keep the dog completely clean.

    It will also depend a lot on where we have our dog, more than anything if it is an environment where it can get dirty easily or on the contrary it does not usually get dirty, we assume that it is not good to clean a dog very often, so as not to remove the layer of fat that protects its delicate skin from external agents, then we will determine its cleaning only when strictly necessary.

    Summary of the Wirehaired Dog

    In summary we can see that the hard coat is similar to the short coat, but we can say that with the disadvantage that being so hard, it can get into the clothes and it is quite difficult to eliminate, for the rest it is practically the same as the short coat, that is to say little maintenance and we can't say that it gets too dirty either.

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