Short Hair

perros de raza pelo corto

Here we find dogs that have a short coat, they should be in temperate climates, neither too hot nor too cold, although with a little care they could adapt to different climates.


    Usefulness of a short haired dog

    Actually, when we have a dog with short hair, it does not mean that it does not fall and make a mess in the place where it does its daily life, but it is true that it seems to be less showy and therefore with less cleaning we will be able to keep the place clean.

    However, we must take into account that dogs at certain times of the year expel much more hair and this can be somewhat annoying for some people, so we have to take this into account when we have to adopt a dog whose characteristic is to have short hair.

    Care of a short-haired dog

    The care that a dog with short hair needs is very little, that is to say, we will brush it once a week, to remove all the fallen hair and in this way we will keep it clean and healthy, but practically we should not do anything else, apart from cleaning it as necessary, depending on what it can get dirty.

    If we have a short-haired dog at home and we only take it out three times a week and when we do it is controlled so that it does not get very dirty, the washes should be scarce, practically every two months, but if on the other hand it is the case that we have the dog in the countryside and it usually gets very dirty, we will reduce its cleaning every 20 days, it would not be good to wash it more frequently no matter how dirty it is, brushing also removes dirt.

    Summary of the short-haired dog

    Actually, if a dog has short hair, it can be a little less dirty when the times of shedding hair come, but it is not something remarkable either, all this has to be determined by the owners, if they are bothered by a lot of hair shedding and if it is very bulky or if they just don't care and the type of coat does not influence the breed of dog they want to adopt.

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