Medium Long Hair

perros de raza pelo medio largo

Here we find the dogs that have a medium-long coat, normally these are coats that need more maintenance than short-haired dogs and in terms of climate, they can be in both cold and warm climates, the difference will depend a lot on the type of breed.


    Usefulness of a dog with medium-long coat

    It is a coat that lies between the short hair and the long hair, therefore it has a little of both, we find many breeds that meet these requirements in their coat and that is why we must take it into account to know which breed we should adopt, adapting to our life system.

    Medium-long hair is a very common coat in most breeds, so it is very easy for our dog to have this type of hair, we will follow the guidelines set by the standard for dogs with medium-long hair.

    Care of the dog with medium-long hair

    As I mentioned before, as it is a dog that is between two paths (short hair and long hair), we have a maintenance that is similar to long haired dogs but without being so constant, for example, we will brush it much more than a short haired dog, but much less than even long haired dogs.

    It will also depend a lot on the type of hair it has, I mean the thickness of it is not the same if it has thick hair as if it is a fine medium long hair, although in any case, we should brush it almost every day, to avoid tangles and excessive dirt.

    Summary of the dog with medium-long hair

    To sum up a little, as the medium long hair is between the short hair and the long hair, the maintenance that we carry out on this dog, will also be between the two hairs, that is to say something in between. Brushing day in and day out, and washing every 30 or 40 days, practically with this maintenance should be enough, except for the area where it is located, which depending on the dirt that our dog can pick up, we will clean it.

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