Long Hair

perros de raza pelo largo

Here we find the dogs that have a long coat, normally these are coats that need more maintenance and in terms of climate, they can be in cold climates as well as in warm ones, the difference will depend a lot on the type of breed.


    Usefulness of a dog with long hair

    Really a dog with long hair is usually very beautiful but behind that beauty there is a work that is necessary to be methodical with it, because we have to be aware that the longer the coat is the more work and care it takes, so we have to take it into account when adopting a dog.

    Normally long haired dogs tend to be show dogs, with some exceptions such as breeds that are quite popular and in themselves have long hair that depending on the thickness of it, tends to tangle or less, creating a set of needs that we have to go through if we really want to keep our dog neat.

    Long Haired Dog Care

    As we were telling you earlier, a dog with long hair needs more care than one that does not have long hair, as long hair is much more prone to tangles and also to hold the dirt it can pick up from the environment.

    Therefore we will have to brush it every day without exception, because we have to keep it as clean as possible without needing to wash it every week, and at the same time the coat has to be kept without any tangles, only this way it will look like a show dog.

    Summary of the long haired dog

    We are facing a coat that needs more care than any other and it will also depend a lot on the thickness of the hair, as a long and fine hair will tangle much more than a long and thick hair, although the latter will be more prone to the dirt that clumps the hair, therefore all these details you should know and enter them in the file of the breed you want to adopt.

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