Curly Hair

perros de raza pelo rizado

Here we find the dogs that have a curly coat, normally these are coats that need a lot of maintenance, as they are prone to tangles and to keep the dog looking good we will have to look after it on a daily basis.


    Usefulness of a dog with Curly Hair

    We are facing a quite complicated type of hair, especially for the tangles, as this coat is very prone to messes, it is also noteworthy that it is very beautiful, so what you have to do is to value one thing and another, opting for what you most want, also the dogs that have more of this type of hair, are water dogs and variants of the same, so they are active dogs and very prone to get dirty.

    Since a dog with long curly hair is a spectacle if we keep it clean and free of tangles, but if on the contrary we are not able to keep it with a minimum of cleanliness and tangles, we can see a dog that will give much grief and will not be pretty at all.

    Care of curly coated dogs

    Curly hair is by far the most difficult to groom, as brushing has to be done daily and quite forcefully, that is to say, we cannot just brush it over and finish immediately, brushing a curly-haired dog is a task that will take us quite some time each day and if we skip it one day we will notice it the next and we will have to spend more time to fix what we did not do the day before.

    With regard to cleaning, we will also have to wash them no more than once a month, so be careful when you walk the dog, because if he comes home dirty, you will have to brush him.

    As you may have noticed, we are dealing with very attractive and beautiful dogs, but all this costs and will be directly proportional to the time we have to dedicate to them.

    Summary of the curly-haired dog

    When we see a dog with a long curly coat, at first sight we are attracted by its coat and we like that kind of dogs, but we have to be aware that to keep that dog with a clean and attractive look we have to execute a maintenance that must be very extensive in time and if we don't have it we shouldn't adopt a dog with those needs.

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