Coarse Hair

perros de raza pelo grueso

Here we find dogs that have a thick coat, a coat that can be more or less long, but as they have a great thickness they are usually quite dense.


    Usefulness of a dog with thick hair

    Thick hair is usually that which dries very easily, with regard to hair loss it usually works like the other types of hair, that is to say, depending on the time of year, there is more or less hair loss in thick hair, it must be taken into account that hair in dogs is a layer of protection as their epidermis is much more sensitive than the epidermis.

    The advantage of having a thick coat, as we indicated above, is that the dog will keep its coat wet for less time, the thickness of the hair determines the ability to expel moisture more easily, in some cases it is an advantage, for example what can happen with the breed of water dogs.

    Care of dogs with thick coats

    The care that we have to take with dogs that have thick hair will depend on the length of the same, the longer the hair, the more maintenance both for the haircuts that we will have to execute to keep it well, as well as brushing, because if the hair is quite long a thick texture, it is prone to caking and therefore loses much attraction.

    That is why we must be more cautious with the cleaning of those dogs that have a thick and quite long hair, untangling and brushing it daily to keep it with all its beauty, otherwise it will become the opposite and we will have a dog that will seem abandoned.

    Overview of the Coarse Coated Dog

    We have seen that having a dog with thick hair will depend a lot on the length of the hair, to know what maintenance we should do, the longer the hair, the more maintenance it needs.

    However, a long and thick coat is very beautiful and will dress our dog up a lot, so if you have the time to do a good maintenance, perfect, but this type of dog is not for you.

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