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perros de raza actividad trabajo

Here we find the working dogs, very active and normally obedient dogs, which you can train to guard the herd or for light activities.


    Usefulness of a working dog

    Working activity dogs are dogs that can be used for any task that man wants to attach to such dogs, i.e. pulling a sledge, sniffing out disasters for rescue, etc.

    They are usually very active dogs that are very easy for us to fit into the necessary activities and once they have been taught we only need to give them opportunities to show what they have learnt. Often these types of dogs are not categorised into specific breeds, but come with the right education and above all good training, carried out by someone who knows their job perfectly.

    Care of the dog with Working Activity

    These dogs need normal care, i.e. not because they are working dogs, they need something more, on the contrary, they are capable of a lot for very little, nevertheless we will keep the vaccinations up to date and depending on the type of coat the maintenance will cost more or less.

    All the different cares already depend more on the breed than on the activity where they are devoted and as you know the feeding is also very good to offer him a very balanced and quality feed so that he can obtain all the necessary nutrients for his day to day life.

    Summary of the dog with Working Activity

    In summary we have some dogs whose usefulness with man is very high and also the learning of the same, covering some activities that they will do whenever we want. More than specific breeds, we find that they are dogs of loose breeds that have simply been taught correctly to carry out some task.

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