Activity Terriers

perros de raza actividad terriers

Here we find the terrier dogs, they are dogs that have become companion dogs, but they have a very great activity, they are curious, restless, very attached to their masters, they have guard qualities, this in the sense that they are accusatory and noisy in front of strangers.


    Utility of a dog with Terriers Activity

    The dogs called Terriers, are those that come genetically from Great Britain, they used to have small or medium size but they are really muscular and tough looking, they are used for guarding and due to all the crossbreeding that took place at the beginning of the 19th century, all the Terrier breeds known today came out.

    They are also considered temperamental dogs and very loyal to their owners, in many countries they are considered potentially dangerous dogs "PPP", because they have a lot of strength for their size and a powerful jaw, which is capable of generating a big bite.

    Dog care with Activity Terriers

    Normally they are dogs with short coats, some breeds also have hard coats, but all of them in general are short haired, with this we want to indicate that the care of these dogs is not at all special, and therefore with the typical weekly brushing we would have it covered.

    It is clear that apart from the care of their coat, what we have to take for granted is that their vaccinations must be up to date, as well as internal and external deworming, so that their quality of life is good. And lastly, to give him a quality diet so that he can acquire all his qualities in a healthy way.

    Summary of the dog with Terriers Activity

    In summary we see that we have a series of breeds, whose size does not exceed medium, but its appearance is muscular and imposing, so they are considered dangerous dogs, if they are well socialised there is no reason to think that they are violent, on the contrary. Breeds from England, with a great variety of breeds, which have been forged by the mixture of specimens.

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