Activity Shepherds

perros de raza actividad pastor

Here we find the shepherd dogs, they are perfect working dogs to look after the flock, they are usually obedient and with a great intelligence.


    Usefulness of a dog with herding activity

    Dogs whose activity is called shepherd, are the best suited to guard the flock, all because apart from being hard working dogs, their level of intelligence is very high compared to other breeds and therefore they have a very high learning rate.

    Once a shepherd dog is taught, it will always be willing to manage the flock and obey what its owner commands, only two or three breeds are the most suitable as shepherd activity, although there are many other breeds that can also be catalogued as shepherd dogs, although they are not entirely so.

    Care of the dog with herding activity

    The care of shepherd dogs, is practically the same as in dogs that are indicated for other activities, as we always indicate the care will come much more indicated by the type of fur that has, that by other indicative.

    However, we must look after our shepherd dog as well as possible, take him to the vet regularly, keep his vaccination records up to date and offer him a quality diet where he can obtain all the nutrients necessary for his high activity.

    Summary of the Active Shepherd Dog

    Summarising all the dogs that are considered shepherds because of their activity, indicates that they have a high capacity for intelligence and with a minimum of training, we will obtain an ideal shepherd for the control of the flock in all its facets. Although this type of breeds can also be considered as watchdogs or guardians of their habitat.

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