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perros de raza actividad muestra

These are very small dogs that need companionship and usually fit well in small places.


    The usefulness of a pointer dog

    Dogs that are considered to be show dogs are those that, due to their size as well as their circumstance, are dogs that are carried as a handbag, therefore they are called show dogs. These dogs can offer company and also care for the house, as all dogs that are small in size can be considered for this purpose.

    However, there are two or three breeds that are the most considered as show dogs, and apart from these breeds, all the others are not considered as show dogs, as I said before, the show dogs are those that are very small in size and usually have a high temperament with which they want to compensate for their lack of size.

    Care of the Pointing Dog

    The dogs of sample usually need a more direct care than the rest of dogs, this is because they usually go always in the arms of their mistresses and therefore we must keep them cleaner than normal, because they are still dogs and therefore they do not understand that so considerate care with hygiene.

    They also tend to go to dog grooming salons a lot more, because their fur is more cared for and cut in accordance with the status of the moment.

    Summary of the show dog

    Summarising a little, we will say that a pointer dog is usually a small or very small dog, it usually goes almost always in the arms of its owner, all this makes them temperamental and with somewhat difficult characters for the subtraction of the people who are not its owner.

    They are also dogs that are usually very well cared for, both hygienically and with the maintenance of their coat, so that they are always impeccable, even with clothing accessories.

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