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perros de raza actividad caceria

Here we find the hunting dogs, they are very active dogs, with a highly developed instinct and sense of smell suitable for hunting or for the detection of traces to follow.


    Utility of a dog with Hunting Activity

    Evidently if you are a hunter or simply you like hunting, one of the breeds that you are going to want to get more, are the dogs whose main activity is hunting, all this is feasible because we are in front of dogs with a very deep instinct for hunting and they have an extremely sensitive sense of smell to follow the trail of the possible prey.

    What we should never do is to simplify these dogs only for hunting and when we are not hunting to keep them locked up in cages, a dog really needs to be with its pack and therefore its main activity is hunting, but it also has to live with other dogs and their owners.

    Care of the hunting dog

    The care of a hunting dog is practically the same as for the rest of the dogs, that is to say, we must keep him up to date with his vaccination records, give him a healthy and balanced diet and brush him periodically depending on the length of his coat, brushing him more or less intensely, as is logical, at the same time as cleaning him.

    It is also interesting to keep his instinct active, with games and activities that make him use his hunting instinct not only at hunting times, but on a more daily basis, at the same time keeping him active for when we really want him to accompany us on the hunt.

    Summary of the Hunting Activity Dog

    A hunting dog is a very active dog that we must keep agile and dynamic not only in the moments that we need his service as a support to the hunt but practically every day we must give him his ration of usefulness that at the same time as keeping him active we will get his hunting instinct to become even sharper.

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