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Here we find the companion dogs, they are very familiar dogs, normally what they need most is to have their owner close to them, as they do not cope well with loneliness.


    Usefulness of a Companion Activity Dog

    As its name suggests, a companion dog is one that provides a plus to those single-parent families or simply elderly people who, in order to avoid being alone for so long a day, adopt a companion activity dog that complements them enormously.

    We can say that the companion activity dog is like a therapist that will improve the physical and mental health of the owners, both to have daily company and to know that taking it for a walk is like taking yourself for a walk, so it ends up being a mutual activity. Remember that dogs need companionship almost constantly, as they are not solitary animals, but have to be with their pack and that is everything to them.

    Care of the dog with Companion Activity

    The care that we must give to a companion dog is the same as that which we must give to dogs of other activities, really the care is usually subject to the type of coat that the breed has, so apart from knowing if we have to brush it more or less or that we must clean it every "x" days, the care is based on keeping it up to date with vaccinations and offering it a complete and balanced diet.

    Let's say that for everything else you have to be identical.

    Summary of the Companion Activity Dog

    To summarise what a companion activity dog is like, we could classify them as therapeutic and healing dogs because they offer much more than they receive, at least normally they are like that and when we are part of their pack they do not separate from their owner under any circumstances. They are ideal for elderly people, lonely people and families who want to have a dog to take care of and keep it with dignity in their family.

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