Anxiety in dogs

ansiedad en los perros

If you have a dog, you are probably worried that he may have anxiety, because we know that it is not at all positive.
Therefore we are going to tell you first how to know if our dog is anxious and then indicate what we have to do to rectify this anxiety.


    How to detect if my dog has anxiety

    The first thing we have to observe is the behaviour of your dog, in fact if you have been with your dog for a long time, you will have seen that he is methodical and always does the same thing, therefore it will be quite easy to see that his behaviour is changing, because we will see that he is not doing what he always does and that change could be that he is falling into anxiety.
    Therefore we see that it is relatively easy to diagnose that our dog is changing, what is not so easy is that this change is due to anxiety.

    How to rectify our dog's anxiety

    Once we have been able to diagnose that our dog suffers from anxiety, the way to combat it is to rectify what has provoked it, therefore you have to be able to discover what has been the trigger and then rectify it.

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